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The popular destination of Allahabad is the synonym of Sangam. The city has a special appeal among the Hindu pilgrims. Situated on the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna & Saraswati, Allahabad is one of the most sacred destinations of India for Hindus. Besides Sangam, Allahabad holiday packages are in demand due to the holy fair of Kumbh. This is a fair in which the whole city turns into a camp. The city has a historical charm and on your Allahabad tour, you can realize that how much this place offers to you.
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Tourist Attractions in Allahabad

Allahabad Fort:
Allahabad Fort is situated on the northern banks of River Yamuna close to the Sangam. Emperor Akbar constructed this brilliantly designed fort in 1583.
Anand Bhawan:
Anand Bhavan is a historical house museum that belongs to the popular Nehru-Gandhi family of India. It was constructed by father of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Moti Lal Nehru in 1930s. Later on, Indira Gandhi donated this place to Indian Government.
Alfred Park:
Alfred Park is a must visit attraction of the city having a historical significance. The park has a grand statue of George V and Victoria. It was a place for the official ceremonies during British era.
Allahabad Museum:
It is one of the well-maintained museums of India having exclusive galleries devoted to archeological findings, art gallery and artifacts donated by Jawaharlal Nehru.
It is the most visited attraction of city, which is considered as one of the holiest place for Hindu pilgrims. The confluence of three holy rivers, Sangam is must visit place of Allahabad vacation.

Best Time to Visit Allahabad

Allahabad experiences extreme climates. So, know about its weathers before booking Allahabad holiday packages. Summers are really hot and temperature reaches beyond 45° C temperature with intense humidity. It stretches from mid-March to mid-July. The monsoon season starts in mid-July and continues till mid-September with an average rainfall 400 mm. Winter Season starts from November and remains till February. The best time for Allahabad trip is between November and February.

What can You Buy in Allahabad

Shopping in Allahabad brings great experiences for its visitors. In last few years, the city has great changes in terms of the arrival of shopping complexes and malls. The city offers numerous things for religious performances, including sandalwood, incense stick, vermilion and camphor among others.

How to Reach Allahabad

If you are planning an Allahabad trip, explore the options to reach Allahabad. Don't worry about how to reach Allahabad as it is well-connected to all destinations of India.
By Air
The nearest airport to Allahabad is Varanasi, which is 150 km away from Allahabad. Varanasi is an important pilgrimage. So, it is well connected to the rest of India by daily flights. On arrival, you can take other transports to reach Allahabad.
By Train
Allahabad is well-connected by trains with all major cities of India. The main station of Allahabad is Allahabad Junction where a number of express and super fast trains arrive and depart for different destinations.
By Road
Allahabad is connected to other of India by good roads. Buses travel for different neighboring and far-flung places of Uttar Pradesh. Both the private and government buses are available from here.s
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