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Amarpur is a beautiful and serene place in the north-east Indian state of Tripura. The tranquil atmosphere of the region and its position on the banks of Amarsagar allures a huge of tourists from all over the country and abroad. It is believed that the city stands on the ruins of a palace. Amarpur city is not only renowned for its historical significance but also for its religious activities. A famous temple devoted to Mangalchandi, 'an eight- headed goddess' is located on the southern bank of the lake. Every year, large number of devotees comes at Tirthamukh in Amarpur sub-division to celebrate the festival of 'Makar Sankranti'. On this auspicious occasion, a fair is held at the temple, which is situated at the source of Gomati River. In addition, locals enjoy festivals of Basant Panchami, Durga Puja, Diwali, Dol Jatra (holi), Karchi Puja, Ashokashtmi, Gautam Buddha Jayanati, Id etc. with great gusto and fervor. The main occupation of this city's inhabitants is agriculture. Garia, Ker Ganga and Gaj are some of the important regional festivals celebrated by the tribals only. So, plan a visit to this place by booking the Amarpur holiday packages offered at and enjoy an outstanding Amarpur tour with us.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Amarpur

Before planning your Amarpur vacation, you must be familiar with the best sightseeing places of this destination.

It is a serene water area with green hills and pictures of Gods in the hills.
Dumboor Lake:
It is a vast water area of 41 sq km spanning over 48 islands and bounded by luxuriant green vegetation. Another attraction to this place is the water sports facilities. There is a Hydel Project close to the lake from where the River Gomati originates and this is called 'Tirthamukh' where on 14 January every year famous 'Pous Sankranti Mela' is organized.
Amarsagar & Fatiksagar:
Both of these beautiful lakes hold historical importance as well as notable tourist attraction.

Best Time for Holidaying in Amarpur

Amarpur enjoys a tropical climate with extreme summers and soothing winters. You can plan your Amarpur travel during the cool months, from October to April. At this time of the year, the weather remains pleasant and suitable for sightseeing activities.

Explore Options to Reach Amarpur

Prior booking your Amarpur holiday packages, you should know about the modes to reach this city. Read on to more:
By Air
The nearest airport to Amarpur is Agartala Airport, situated 12 kms far from Agartala. From here, you can take buses or hire private taxis to reach the city.
By Rail
The nearest rail head to Amarpur is at Agartala. Once one reaches Agartala can avail the facilities of buses, jeeps and vans to reach Amarpur.
By Road
Amarpur is very well-linked to several cities of the state like, Udaipur and Teliamura with metalled road. The city can also be easily reached by Agartala by passing through Udaipur town. You can avail the facilities of city buses and auto rickshaws (run by CNG) to reach here. So, choose any of the travel option and enjoy comfortable Amarpur trip.
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