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A planned town from the time of the Maharajas, Balangir beholds the beauty and serenity of the old days' charm till today. Apart from that, it is one of the significant commercial towns in the western part of Odisha (erstwhile Orissa). This town is popular for its striking many old shrines and temples as well as the native tribes, which dwell here since the time immemorial. This place till today holds the old glory and appeal of being the capital of Patnagarh, a princely state at one point of time. Erstwhile, the name of this place was Balaram Garh, which was built by Balaram Deo, the 19th king of Balangir. Fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of Balangir? Plan a visit to this place by exploring the Balangir holiday packages offered by and choose the best offer for Balangir tour.

Balangir Holiday Packages

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Balangir Tour Packages

Best Sightseeing Places in Balangir

Before going for your Balangir vacation, be familiar with where you must visit on your trip.

Barabati Fort:
Ranthambore National Park has a rich wildlife including Tigers (including the popular diurnal tigers), Striped Hyenas, Leopards, Sambar deer, Nilgai, Macaques, Chital, Jackals, Rufous tailed Hare, Black bucks, Chinkara, Desert Cats, Indian False Vampires, Five striped Palm Squirrels, Indian Flying Foxes, Indian Porcupines, Small Indian Mongoose, etc. So, if you are a wildlife explorer you must make a visit to this park during your Ranthambore travel.
Someswara Temple:
This holy temple was established by a saint named 'Gagana Siva' who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. You can find some exclusive inscription attributed to this saint inside the temple. Someswara temple is believed to be constructed around 9th century.
Ranipur Jharial:
An ideal place for history lovers, Ranipur Jharial is a multitude of medieval ruins. You will get to see a series of flat rocks on top of which various numbers of temples are located. There were around 120 shrines here, but only 50 could survive through the time.
Chandi Temple:
Located at Saintala village, Chandi temple has a deity who is offered prayers are Mahishasurmardini the temple dates back to 9th century.
Jogeswar Shiva Temple:
It is a renowned temple of Lord Shiva and located in village Jogisarda. This shrine is quiet famous among the local inhabitants who come to this temple to do penance in the form of fasting and seek blessings of the deity by lying prostrate on the ground.
Other Tourist Attractions:
Some of the other popular tourist attractions in Balangir are Harisankar, Rajendra Park, Anand Niketan etc.

Best Time for Holidaying in Balangir

Balangir enjoys tropical climate with very warm hot summers and cool winters. But, the best time of visiting and enjoy sightseeing in Balangir is from the month of "October to February". So, plan your Balangir trip accordingly.

Must Buy Things from Balangir

Shopping in Balangir city is a delightful experience, especially for women because of the famous Sambalpuri Sarees and other dress materials. Apart from this wardrobe stuff, you can go for a variety of Sambalpuri materials available at best rates that include Sambalpuri bed sheets to 'Sambalpuri Pata sarees', which can cost up to thousands and lakhs. The good range of cloths can be found at 'Sindhi market'. Besides, the cloth you can buy Sambalpuri Music albums, local snacks, like Chaul bara, gaham bara(Gulgula), Chaka peeta, chena gaaja, labangalata, Chhena Poda and Laddus etc. You can buy kilos of sweetmeat and significant dress material back home for your loved ones.

Explore Options to Reach Balangir

Before booking your Balangir holiday packages, you should know about the modes to reach this city. Read on to more:
By Air
There are two airports, Raipur Airport (201 KM away) and Bhubaneswar (248 KM away) from where you can reach Balangir.
By Train
Balangir has its own railway station from where you can commute through regular trains to the city from other major cities of the country.
By Road
There are various regular buses from other major cities of the country to Balangir arriving at Balangir bus station.
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