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Barmer is a desert town, located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan and just 153 KM from Jaisalmer. It was founded during 13th Having fortresses to boast off, this place is majorly famous for its furniture and interiors, woodcarving, carpets, exquisite embroideries, block printing and rich handicrafts. It is the centre for embroidery, Sadar Bazaar and woodcarvings. There is a group of five temples in architectural style known as Solanki, located at a distance of just 35 KM from Barmer and beholds fine sculpture with the Someshwar Temple, a multi tier spire- most impressive. Already impressed with its charm and ancient traditions? Checkout the Barmer holiday packages offered by and get ready to explore the historic beauty of this place!
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Best Sightseeing Places in Barmer

Barmer Fort:
Sited on a rocky hill, it is the ruins of an old fort. It has a temple devoted to Balark (the Sun) and the ancient ruins of Juna Barmer. There are also three Jain temples, a massive pillar in the hall of the largest temple of Maharaja Kula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva, an inscription of 1295 AD and a ruler of Bahadmera (Barmer) are also worth a visit.
Located on the foot of a hill close to village Hathma in Barmer Tehsil is Kiradu. The inscription dates back to 1161 AD reveals that the place was known as 'Kiratkoop' and had once been the capital of Punwars. It has ruins of five ancient temples once dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other four devoted to Lord Shiva - are of interest to the art lovers and archaeologists. Someshwar temple is the prime of these temples.
The founder of the Rathore clan, Rao Siha along with his son his son (Asthanji) occupied Khed from the Guhil Rajputs. There is an old Vishnu temple of Ranchhrji is enclosed by a collapse wall and an image of Garuda (the eagle) at the gate guards the complex. Some of the other nearby temples includes of Brahma, Mahadev, Bhairav and a Jain temple of Lard Mahaveer.
Meva Nagar:
Once called as Viranipur, it is a 12th century village that is situated on the slope of a hill called Nagar-ki-Bhakarian, just 9 KM away from Balotra. This village has three Jain temples. The largest of these is the one dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath. A Vishnu temple is also worth giving a visit.
Balotra & Kanana:
Situated nearby Kanana, the venue for the Sheetal Saptmi Mela, Balotra is a small town. It is a significant centre for printing and dying.
Other In and Around Places of Interests:
Bada Bag, Juna Jain Temple, Kiradu Ancient Temples, Devka Sun Temple, Nakoda Temple, Meva Nagar, Mahaveer Park, Safed Akhara, Neemari, Baisakhi, Ram-Kunda, Luderwa, Amar-Sagar, Mool-Sagar, Kuldhara & Khabha are some of the other tourist places. So, make sure you visit these scenic places during your Barmer tour.
Fairs & Festivals:
Tilwara Cattle Fair (March - April), Nakoda Parasvanath (December - January), Veeratara Mela, Khed Fair (August - September) and Mallinath Fair (Tilwara).

Best Time for Holidaying in Barmer

Being located at the edge of Thar Desert, Barmer experiences extreme weather conditions with very dry and hot summers and cold winters. Therefore, the best time to visit Barmer is during mid season, 'between October and December,. So, plan your Barmer trip accordingly and enjoy sightseeing of this historic place.

Must Buy Things from Barmer

Barmer is a veritable shopper's paradise with variety of stuff. Its treasure trove of vibrantly coloured embroidery with charming mirror work, beautifully embroidered fabrics and pouches often patterned with tiny mirrors. You can buy a variety of items during your Barmer vacation, right from traditional rugs, shawls, blankets, carpets, "Pattius" Dari in typical Barmer colours and weave are specialty of the district. Like variety of items, the shopping spots include the small shops along the narrow lanes of the colourful and dynamic Sadar Bazar. So, get exclusive souvenirs and home items for you and your loved ones on the tour.

Explore Options to Reach Barmer

Before booking Barmer holiday package, you must be aware of the ways how you can reach to this beautiful city of Rajasthan.
By Air
The nearest Domestic Airport is Jodhpur Airport, roughly three and half hour drive from Barmer. Jodhpur Airport is well connected to New Delhi and Mumbai.
By Train
Barmer has its own railway station named as Barmer Railway Station which is connected by numerator conjecture rail to the major city of the state and other cities like Jalore, Agra, Jaipur, Munawa in Pakistan, Kalka, Delhi, Haridwar and Guwahati through express trains.
By Road:
Barmer is well-connected to various cities of Rajasthan and other major cities through Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) and some private travel services. So, select your choice of Barmer travel mode for enjoyable journey.
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