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Situated in the Kutch district of Gujarat, Bhuj is an administrative city that occupies an important place. It is an interesting place to travel because of the fact that it happened to be the capital city of the Princely state of Kutch. This makes it one of the popular places in India, from travel and tourism point of view. Bhuj tour can be fun as this place is dotted with a number of grand & marvelous architectures. People book Bhuj holiday packages to explore the rustic charms and pastoral beauty of the region.
Bhuj Holiday Packages
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Bhuj Travel Packages

Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bhuj

Kutch Museum:

Earlier famous as the Fergusson Museum after Sir James Fergusson, it is one of the oldest museums in Gujarat. The museum was founded in 1877 and is noted for its handicraft and embroidery.

Aina Mahal:

This palace features a hall of mirrors and was built in the 18th century. Walls of this palace are also made using white marble, which are adorned with mirrors and ornaments. The entire area is encircled with a series of fountains that enhance the beauty of this place.

Prag Mahal:

Designed by an eminent architect Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins, Prag Mahal is a major attraction of Bhuj. The construction of the palace took 10 years at a huge cost of rupees 20 Lakh. The palace is a fine example of Italian Gothic style that also combines several elements of European style.

Other Attractions:

Other tourist attractions to be visited on your Bhuj trip are Vegetable Market, Cenotaphs of Kutch Rulers, Swami Narayan Temple, and Snake Temple at Bhujiyo Hill Fort, Hatkeshwar Temple and Alfred High School.

Best Time to Visit Bhuj

The town of Bhuj witnesses three weathers summer, winter and monsoon. Summer starts in March and continues till June making it hot and dry weather where temperature reaches up to 43°C. Winter season comes in November and stays till February with temperature between 15°C and 35°C. Monsoon arrives in June and stays till mid- September with regular rainfall. The best time to visit Bhuj is from October to February.

Shopping in Bhuj

Your Bhuj travel is incomplete without buying traditional handmade stuffs of this historic town. The town is known for its enamel work done on gold and silver jewelry, seashell toys, and lacquered wood and metal bells. Things that you can buy in Bhuj also include handmade vibrant bags and traditional clothes. Bandhani and batik textiles, silk embroidery on leather are also the specialties of this place.

How to Reach Bhuj

If you are planning a Bhuj trip then before booking Bhuj holiday packages, know how to reach there. Through below written content, know about the details of transports that connect the city with rest of India.

By Air

Bhuj has a domestic airport that is connected with Mumbai through daily flights.

By Train

Bhuj has its own railway station, which is well connected to major cities of India, including Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and many others. A number of superfast and express trains arrive and depart from this Bhuj railway station.

By Road

Bhuj is connected with nearby cities of Gujarat and other states through regular buses. State Transport Buses are available from the ST bus stand of the town, which is situated in the heart of the town and connect the town with various other places in Gujarat.
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