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Dakshineswar is a small town under Kamarhati Municipality, in Barrackpore subdivision of the city Kolkata in West Bengal. It forms, one of the peripheral suburbs of the city. Located to the extreme north of Kolkata, the suburb is around 14 KM from the heart of Kolkata city. Dakshineswar is one of the worldwide famous pilgrim places in Kolkata city. The Dakshineswar Temple in the city suburb is the prime attraction. This temple was built by Rani Rashmani in the year 1847, with its 12 spires holds the spiritual beauty in the lavish courtyards of the temple complex. It has been said that the world famous Rama Krishna Paramahansa achieved spiritual vision in the temple. Thus, Dakshineswar Ramakrishna Sangha Adyapeath also operates in the adjacent region. If you are planning a visit to this charming city, then choose the best Dakshineswar holiday packages and get ready to explore Dakshineswar!
Dakshineswar Holiday Packages
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Best Sightseeing Places in Dakshineswar

Dakshineswar is dotted with a lot of religious places such as maths & temples.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple:
Sited on the banks of River Ganges (Hooghly), this temple is among the most important Hindu temples of Kolkata. The presiding deity is Bhavatarini, a form of goddess Kali. This temple is visited by hundreds of devotees who seek blessings from Ma Kali. It is the temple from where the saint-philosopher Ramakrishna Paramhansa started his remarkable spiritual journey. The main temple courtyard is surrounded by 12 other shrines devoted to Lord Shiva. The respective twelve Shivalingas in the Dakshineswar temple are – Jatneswar, Yogeswar, Jatileswar, Nakeswar, Nirjareswar, Nakuleswar, Nareswar, Nageswar, Nandiswar, Jagadiswar, Yajneswar and Jaleswar. The temple complex also consists of the Radhakanta temple.
It has a big area that has educational & charitable organizations.
Two exclusive bridges 'Vivekananda Setu' / Bally Bridge (previously Willingdon Bridge estd. 1932) and 'Nivedita Setu', which connect Dakshineswar with the other side of the river (Bally), are some other places at Dakshineswar.
Other tourist attractions:

Along with 'Adyapeath', there are famous places like, 'Jogoda Satsanga Ashram', 'Sri Sri Sarada Math Balananda Ashram', 'Alambazar Math' (near Dakshineswar), Gaji Tala, Kuthi Bari, Nahabat Khana, Room of Sri Ramkrishna and Bakul Tala and various other temples. So, make some extra time to visit these places during your Dakshineswar tour.

Best Time for Holidaying in Dakshineswar

The best time to visit Dakshineswar is from 'October to March', when you will opportunely miss the sweaty, suffocating and humid Bengal summer season. In fact, it will be an excellent time to enjoy sightseeing and other activities. So, make your Dakshineswar trip planning accordingly.

Must Buy Things from Dakshineswar

There is no much scope of shopping in Dakshineswar as it is more of a spiritual and religious place in the state of West Bengal. However, you may things of worship, imitations of the deities, temple pictures, devotional song CDs & DVDs and other terracotta handicrafts for souvenirs and home decoration. So, enjoy sightseeing and shopping during your Dakshineswar vacation.

Explore Options to Reach Dakshineswar

Before booking Dakshineswar holiday package, you must be aware of the ways how you can reach to this beautiful city of Odisha.
By Air
The nearest airport is the Kolkata international airport. You can hire taxi or private cab to reach Dakshineswar from the airport.
By Train
The closest railway stations are Dakshineswar (suburban) & Howrah (main junction) and Dum Dum Metro station. You can hire taxis to reach this place.
By Road
Dakshineswar is situated alongside Vivekananda Bridge, about 22 KM from BBD Bag and 40 KM from Kudghat bus terminus in Kolkata. Local city buses and metered taxis are readily available from various parts of the city. Along with that, auto- rickshaws are also available on share-basis. So, choose any of the traveling modes and enjoy comfortable Dakshineswar travel.
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