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A feudal estate located on the boundaries of Marwar, Mewar and Merwara, about 80 miles in the north-east of Udaipur, Deogarh is a small yet charming town of the state of Rajasthan. Deogarh is beautifully nestled in the picturesque locale of lakes and hills. Thus, this destination enjoys comparatively cooler weather than other parts of Rajasthan that makes it a perfect destination for weekend holidays as well as a significant place in the Rajasthan travel map. This town is largely affected by the colorful lifestyle of neighboring Bhil villages which truly reflects in its art and culture. Besides the historic palaces, forts and horse safaris, Deogarh is renowned for being the school of iconic miniature paintings, which also include the personal collection of the current 'Rawat Sahib of Deogarh'. Reflecting the true and colorful heritage, Deogarh is a must visit destination in Rajasthan. The experience of Deogarh travel will be a lifetime memory for in your travel diary. If you are planning a visit to this city, then choose the best Deogarh holiday packages and explore Deogarh at its best.
Deogarh Holiday Packages
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Best Sightseeing Places in Deogarh

Deogarh Mahal:
Standing beautifully atop a hill, this is a magnificent monument that offers picturesque views of the Aravalli mountain range and lakes. The palace was constructed in the 17th century and is decorated with royal turrets, domes and jharokhas. Make sure you must visit this tourist attraction during your Deogarh tour.
Dashavatar Temple:
Earlier known as Panchayatan temple of north India, this beautiful temple is believed to be built during Gupta period and is devoted to Vishnu temple. The temple is best known for being the first north-Indian temple with a Shikhara or spire.
It is a 17th century ancient destination, which is dotted with a group of 31 Jain temples. Each temple reveals the images from mythologies like a Manasthambha, Tirthankara, Ayagpatta, Sarvatobhadra and Sahastrakuta etc.
Deogarh Archaeological Museum:
This widespread museum features a wonderful collection of sculptures, which were excavated or discovered from the surrounding region.
Anjaneshwar Mahadev:
It is an extraordinary cave temple that is believed to be 2,000 years old. Its ruins can be found on an island in the Raghosagar Lake.
Gokal Vilas:
This impressive palace is located over a hillock and is present home of the Rawat. It is set in a picturesque locale around Raghosagar Lake. The building is said to be around 200 years old.

Best Time for Holidaying in Deogarh

Deogarh experiences hot, but cooler climate than the other parts of Rajasthan. Therefore, the ideal time to enjoying holidaying in Deogarh is from 'October to early April', when the weather is soothing as well as pleasant. So, plan your Deogarh trip during this duration and enjoy best of sightseeing.

Must Buy Things from Deogarh

Mainly a historically rich destination, Deogarh offers an exceptional opportunity for you to buy some authentic antiques and artifacts. However, the best item to buy and get back home from here is the special 'Chanderi saris', for which the place is renowned known worldwide. Deogarh is dotted with a number of markets selling such items and various other stuffs such as genuine antiques, beautiful artifacts and souvenirs. So, make the most of your Deogarh vacation by buying ethnic items of this city.

Explore Options to Reach Deogarh

Before booking Deogarh holiday package, you must be aware of the ways how you can reach to this beautiful city of Rajasthan.
By Air
Udaipur Airport (135 km away) is the nearest airport to Deogarh that connects this city to the city to other major cities of India.
By Train
The closest railway stations are Jakhlaun (13 KM) and Lalitpur (23 KM). But, Lalitpur is a better option because it is connected to Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Agra, Bhopal and Mumbai.
By Road
With a decent road network, Deogarh is well connected by road to other close by cities. You can hire private taxi, car or take state transport bus to reach Deogarh by road.
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