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Dibrugarh is a city and the headquarters of the Dibrugarh district in the state of Assam, India. The city is also known as 'the Tea Capital of Assam' and subsequently coined as 'the Tea City of India'. Dibrugarh is an emerging communication and industrial hub of North East India, Dibrugarh is a major city in eastern India in line with Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. On the other hand, this city is a beauty in itself with the gushing River Brahmaputra on one side, while the Himalayas touches down seemingly, on the edges of the city spreading its serenity all around. A fine combination of a tinge of history, lots of greenery, modern, commercial and natural magnificence, Dibrugarh attracts a huge of tourist from all around the world. So, explore the interesting travel attractions of Dibrugarh by selecting any of the Dibrugarh holiday packages offered by
Dibrugarh Holiday Packages
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Best Sightseeing Places in Dibrugarh

Before going for your Dibrugarh trip, be familiar with where you must visit during the trip.

Koli Aai Than:
A sacred place dedicated to 'Ka Aai', the daughter of the head priest of the `Dibaru Satra'. As per legends, due to lack of a male heir, the Satra started declining but, 'Koli Aai' kept it alive by preaching its ideals and the principles to the masses.
Medieval Memorial Grounds (Maidams):
In and around of Dibrugarh, there are a large number of memorial grounds raised during the regime of the Ahoms. Some of the famous Maidams are Barbarua Maidam, Lekhai Chetia Maidam, Bormechlow Maidam and Bahikhowa Maidam etc.
Dehing Satra:
It is the ruins of famous Satra from the times of King Rajeswar Singha situated along the banks of Dehing River. It has been said that during the famous Moamoria revolution, Dehing Satra received royal support.
Raidangia Dol:
Raidangia Dol is located in the Kalakhuwa area of Laruah mauza, under the Barbaruah Dev Block of Assam. Founded in 700 AD by Swargodeo Pramatta Singha, the place was initially dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu. Later on, it became famous as Shiva dol. The dol consists of relics of the powerful Ahom Kingdom. There is a large pond located just adjacent to the temple. According to local legends the dol, along with the pond and 200 pura, was given as a dowry when Swargadeo Pramatta Singha married his sister to Raidnogia Barua
Lush Green Tea Estates:
Dibrugarh is known to be the Tea Capital of Assam. So, you must go for a special tour to the lush green tea estates dotted with ancient colonial bungalows. Also, enjoy observing the tea laborers plucking tea leaves, the factories tour and lifestyle of the tea estates.
Dibrugarh has rich flora and fauna in the surrounding wildlife sanctuaries and rainforests. Some of the popular places to explore are Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, Dibru – Saikhowa National Park, Jeypore Rainforest and Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuaries etc.

Best Time for Holidaying in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh experiences humid subtropical climate with extremely wet summers and relatively dry winters. Therefore, the best time to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities is between the months of October and March. So, make your Dibrugarh travel plans accordingly.

Must Buy Things from Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is perfect place for shopping lovers. You can buy a lot of things from here as souvenirs for themselves and their loved ones back home. Apart from the native shops, you will find a number of malls and complexes are present here like, the Vishal Megamart, Khusi Megamart and the Leela Mall etc. The city of Dibrugarh is popular for its tea, so buying enough amount of Dibrugarh authentic tea to take back home. Besides tea, the city is also famous for its traditional silk garments such as mekhela chaddar (made of muga or paat). Also, the locally-made Gamochas, one of the most cultural symbols of the native people is worth a buy. An exclusive shopping location is the 'Bhutiya' market place, which offers a wide range of trendy items like shoes, clothes and bags. So, enjoy shopping on your Dibrugarh vacation by going for some valuable shopping at the local markets.

Explore Options to Reach Dibrugarh

Before booking your Dibrugarh holiday packages, you must be aware of the ways to reach this city. To know more, read on:
By Air
Dibrugarh Airport, also known as Mohanbari Airport is located at Mohanbari is just 15 KM north-east from Dibrugarh town in Assam that connects the town to different cities in India.
By Train
The railway station in Dibrugarh has trains for the purpose of both inter-state and inter- city transport. There are three major interstate transport expresses. Two of which originate from New Delhi (Brahmaputra Mail and Rajdhani) and the third one is from Kolkata and other regions within Assam.
By Road
The NH-37 connects all the major towns and cities of Assam and has excellently facilitated transport by road within the state. The ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation) provides regular bus service at periodic intervals to all the major places within and outside the state. The city is 440 KM from Guwahati and just 240 KM from the popular wildlife sanctuary, Kaziranga. Select any of the traveling modes and come for an unforgettable Dibrugarh tour.
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