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Visit City of Thousand Cats with Hazaribagh Holiday Packages

Hazaribagh a small yet scenic town located in Chota Nagpur Plateau of Jharkhand state. The place allows its visitors exploring the beautiful views of nature, including hills, rivers, forests and waterfalls. One can enjoy trekking at the stunning hills of Hazaribagh. It is surrounded with dense forests and enjoys a natural setting that makes it ideal for nature lovers. You can Hazaribagh holiday packages to explore a beautiful destination that is scenic and peaceful.
Hazaribagh Holiday Packages
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Tourist Attractions in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur offers a number of tourist attractions. Let's explore what you can visit on your Jamshedpur vacation.

Hazaribagh Jheel:
It is a good location for boating and other water sports. Hazaribagh Jheel is a natural lake and a major family attraction in Hazaribagh.
Canary Hill:
It is a beautiful park with 3 lakes, which create a refreshing place to plan picnic. One can spend a great time at this beautiful location leaving all their stress away.
Barso Pani Cave:
It is a miraculous place about which, it is said that it starts raining if someone shouts Barso Pani from here. The paths to reach this cave is really enjoyable.
Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery:
Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery offers an insight into the tribal art and culture of Hazaribagh. It offers knowledge about the tribal art and culture of Hazaribagh. You can watch here artifacts and the delicate wall paintings of Kohvar and Sohraj styles. The interior of this museum-cum-gallery is delightfully designed mimicking the cave paintings of Itkhori

Best Time to Visit Hazaribagh

The best time for Hazaribagh travel is from September to March. In these months, the city is really pleasant and appealing. Hazaribagh witnesses three climates. Summer starts in April and continues till June. Temperature hovers between 32°C and 45°C. Monsoon lasts between July and September and witnesses frequent rainfall. Winter arrives in October and remains till February. Temperature remains between 16°C and 30°C.

Things to Buy in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a developing city selling all kinds of branded stuffs. Urban Haat is a good option to shop in Hazaribagh as you get to buy a lot of things, including handloom garments, terracotta, and beautifully molded statues of this place. There are numerous eating joints at this place where you can enjoy local cuisines of this place.

How to Reach Hazaribagh

Reaching Hazaribagh is not so difficult due to being an important city of India. It is connected through all means of transportation, including air, rail and road. If you are planning a Hazaribagh trip then know about how to reach there before booking Hazaribagh holiday packages.
By Air
The nearest airport to Hazaribagh is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, which is located at a distance of 100 km. The airport has regular flights from all major cities of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. From Ranchi, you can board bus or take car on rent to reach Hazaribagh.
By Train
Hazaribagh Road Railway Station has great connectivity with rest of India through good numbers of trains. It is one of the major stations of Indian railway witnessing arrival and departures of several superfast and express trains.
By Road
Hazaribagh is well connected to various major cities by road. Cities like Ranchi (96 km), Gaya (120 km), Jamshedpur (231 km), Patna (240 Km), and many others are connected with Hazaribagh through excellent roads. It is connected with the above cities through Jharkhand State Road Transport Corporation (JSRTC) and some private transport services.
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