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Howrah, often called as the twin city of Kolkata is the city from where the River Ganges cuts it way is an ideal tourists destination. Howrah is sited on the western bank of the Hooghly River in the state of West Bengal, India. The city offer pictorial view of the River Ganges from where you can enjoy the alluring dusk and dawn. Howrah is not only famous for its picturesque beauty but also for being the homeland the Belur Math, the temple of Ramakrishna. Howrah is a well designed and planned city of West Bengal with broad roads, parks, gardens, fountains and spacious government offices and markets. The most special attraction for tourists to is to experience the real beauty of River Ganges. If you are planning a visit to this city of joy, then choose the best Howrah holiday packages and get ready to explore Howrah!
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Best Sightseeing Places in Howrah

Rabindra Setu:
Commonly known as the Howrah Bridge, Rabindra Setu is an engineering marvel and counted amongst the busiest cantilever bridges in the world. With a daily traffic of about 60,000 vehicles and numerous pedestrians, this bridge (setu) is one of the busiest bridges of the world. It is a lifeline of the city, Howrah Bridge connects Kolkata and Howrah.
Indian Botanical Garden:
Located at a distance of 9 KM from the city on the west bank of the Ganga, Indian Botanical Garden spans over an area of about 273 acres. It was laid in the year 1787 as the Indian Botanical Garden. It is one of the oldest and biggest botanical gardens of India. It contains about 12,000 living perennial plants and millions of dried out plants gathered from all across the world. The 250-year-old Banyan tree with more than 2,800 prop roots is the main attraction for tourists.
Belur Math Temple:
Initially conceived by Swami Vivekananda, this temple (16 KM from Kolkata) is the home of sacred relics of Sri Ramakrishna. Architecturally, this temple has an important place amongst other modern temples of India. It includes the motifs of various religions, thus, symbolizing the harmony of religions that used to be taught by Sri Ramakrishna. It should also be noted that this Math serves as the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission.
Vidyasagar Setu:
This is a bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. This setu (bridge) links the city of Howrah to its twin city, Kolkata. Vidyasagar Setu is one of the longest bridges of its type in India and one of the longest bridges in Asia.
Located at a distance of 75 KM from Kolkata, it was the home place of the eternal Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Although he was a Bengali writer, his short stories and great novels dealing with human emotions have been translated in to almost all major languages of India. His two-storey dwelling house is situated in the Panitras or Samtaber village on the bank of the river Rupnarayan. So, enjoy your visit while visiting various places on your Howrah tour itinerary.

Best Time for Holidaying in Howrah

The best time to visit Howrah is from September to March, when you will get to enjoy the festivity and enjoy sightseeing of this place. During this time, you would be able to to witness the grand celebrations of Durga Puja, the worship of the goddess of strength, which symbolizes good over evil. Durga Puja is a ten day ritual / celebration held during the month of October. So, make your Howrah trip plan accordingly.

Must Buy Things from Howrah

There is not much scope of any special kind of shopping in Howrah. However, you can buy local souvenirs, handicrafts and artefacts from local markets to take back home for friends and family as well as home decoration. So, spare some time for shopping in Howrah vacation to buy your favorite stuff from the city.

Explore Options to Reach Howrah

Before booking Howrah holiday package, you must be aware of the ways how you can reach to this beautiful city of Odisha.
By Air
Kolkata International airport is the closest airport to Howrah city. This airport receives flights from all parts of India and all major countries of the world. You can take taxis, airport buses and public minibuses to get you to the city centre from the airport.
By Train
Howrah Junction railway station is the most significant station in West Bengal. In fact, this station is the gateway to Kolkata as all trains to the capital city pass through Howrah. Trains to and from all major cities of India operates from this station.
By Road
This place is well connected to all parts of the state by inter-state transport buses as well privately operated coaches. One can always go to Kolkata to catch a bus to other cities; however there is a major bus stand in Howrah as well. So, select any of the traveling modes and enjoy comfortable Howrah travel.
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