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Often referred to as the 'Cultural Capital of Assam', Jorhat is one of the major cities present in the state. This place was initially formed by two markets or hats (Macharhat and Chowkihat), on the western and eastern banks of the river Bhogdoi. In fact, it is the fastest growing cosmopolitan towns, with having the highest number of educated residents in the state. Also, you can see the burial site of the Ahom Kings in Rajmaidam. The cultural diversities that prevailed in Jorhat around a century ago has inspired the people to participate in cultural activities over the decades and as a result, this city has been able to produce many musician, creative writers, actors, journalists, and historians making this city- "the Cultural Capital of Assam" & "the Knowledge City of Assam". Along with that, tea plantations, gardens, clubs and the famous Tocklai Research Association are worth visiting during the tour. Plan a visit to this place by booking the Jorhat holiday packages offered by and enjoy a memorable Jorhat tour with us.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Jorhat

Before planning your Jorhat vacation, you must be familiar with the best sightseeing places of this destination.

Gymkhana Club:
Jorhat is known as the key centre of the tea industry of India. During the 1860s and 1870s, the entire city was gradually developed with a number of tea gardens. Being the dull and lonely life at the plantation sites, the planters set up a club in this area. In the year 1876, the planters led by the Superintendent of the Jorhat Tea Co. - J. Huttman, built a club and racecourse in this state.
Tocklai Tea Research Centre:
This Tea Research Centre is one of the oldest and largest tea research stations in the world, where research on all types of tea cultivation and processing is performed. It was established in the year 1911.
It is a tank situated on the southern side of the Jorhat city, near Na-ali. The history of it dates back to the year 1739.
Thengal Bhavan:
This Bhawan was built in the year 1880 by Raibahadur Shiva Prasad Barooah. He, then started a weekly in the local language in 1929 from the Bhavan and later, established a printing press and an office therein. He also started a daily newspaper called 'Dainik Batari' with Bagmibar Nilamani Phukan as the editor-in-chief. It was the first daily newspaper in Assamese and also, the first daily newspaper in any language published from a village in India.
Burigosain Devalay:
This is an important Sakta Shrine situated in heart of Jorhat city. The temple enshrines the image of Burigosain, along with the priest, which was brought from Jayantiya and was at first, established at Rangpur.
Other Tourist Attractions:
Some of the other major tourist attractions of city that you must include in your Jorhat travel itinerary are, Raja Maidam, Lachit Borphukan's Maidam, Jorhat District Museum, Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan, Ayur Sanjeeva, Jorhat Science Centre & Planetarium, Jagannath Temple, Kunwori Pukhuri and Garh Ali etc./div>

Best Time for Holidaying in Jorhat

The city of Jorhat enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. But, the seasonal calendar is divided into four typical seasons- summer, monsoon, autumn and winter season. Amongst all, the best time to visit this cultural capital city of Assam is from the months of October to March. So, you should plan your Jorhat trip in this duration and enjoy sightseeing of the place.

Must Buy Things from Jorhat

The very name of the city, Jorhat means as a "place between the two hats ("market" in local language)". The shopping in Jorhat can be a fun family outing. The shopping outlets are majorly located in different areas of Jorhat City from where you can buy exclusive traditional items. Some of the famous shopping outlets are located in Babbu Patty, New Balibat, Old Balibat, Chowk Bazar, J.P.R Road, Gar Ali, Kachori Gali (Radhiya babu Lane), Rupahi Ali, KB Road, Nirmal Charali, Mitha Pukhuri Road, Marwari Patty, Tarajan, Lahoti and Dewal Road area. Apart from the local markets, there are plenty of shopping malls selling branded stuff and items of day to day. Some of the popular ones are Doss and Co, (the 1st departmental store in north east India established in 1910 at Jorhat), Big Bazaar (KB Road), Sohum Shoppe (near ISBT, Tarajan, AT Road), Maxmart mall (Rajamaidam Road), Vishal Mega Mart (Lahoti Road, Ragga, KB Road), and ABS Shopping Mall near PWD point, behind Raymonds showroom. So, enjoy shopping in Jorhat.

Explore Options to Reach Jorhat

Prior booking your Jorhat holiday packages, you should know about the modes to reach this city. Read on to more:
By Air
Jorhat Airport, also known as Rowriah Airport is nearest (7 KM) from the heart of the city. This airport connects the city to various cities across the country including Kolkata, Guwahati, New Delhi and Bangalore.
By Train
Jorhat Town Railway Station and Mariani Junction railway station are major stations of Jorhat. These stations connect this city to various major cities of the state and country by a number of trains.
By Road
Jorhat is well-connected with all major cities of Northeast India. Jorhat City is the only city in upper Assam to have Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) service. Moreover, NH- 37 (India) connects Jorhat with all major cities of Assam.
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