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Kalighat is a locality in the southern Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal, India. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in South Kolkata and is densely populated as well as vibrant with a rich history of cultural mélange with the various foreign incursions into the region over time. It was once a Ghat (landing stage) sacred to Kali on the old course of the Hooghly River (Bhāgirathi). It has been said that Calcutta gets its name from the word Kalighat. Over the time, the river has moved away from the temple. The temple is now located on the banks of a small canal known as 'Adi Ganga' that connects to the Hooghly. Kalighat is popular for 'Kalighat Kali Temple', which is dedicated to the goddess Kali is situated in Kalighat. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. As per mythological legend, the right toe of Dakshayani is said to have fallen here. The Shakti here is called as Kalika, while the Bhairava is 'Nakulesh'. It is a famous place and a pilgrimage for Shakta (Shiva and Durga/Kali/Shakti worshippers) followers within the Hindu religion. Besides, this place is also known for exclusive Kalighat paintings or Kalighat Pat, which are great collectibles. Explore a number of Kalighat tour packages with and know more about this place.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Kalighat

Before planning your Kalighat vacation you should be familiar with where you must visit during the trip.

Kalighat Kali Temple:
It is a Hindu temple in West Bengal, India devoted to the Hindu goddess 'Kali'. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Kalighat is the site where the toes of the right foot of Dakshayani or Sati fell, during the course of Shiva's Rudra Tandava. The main temple in Kalighat displays Goddess Kali with a long golden tongue and is different from her usual descriptions. It is visited by thousands of devotees every year and considered to be a religious.
Sosthi Tala:
It is a rectangular altar soaring around three feet high bearing a small cactus plant. Below the tree, on an altar three stones are placed side by side - from left to right in place of the Goddesses "Sosthi", "Sitola", and "Mongol Chandi". This sacred place is known as 'Sosthi Tala' or 'Monosha Tala'. It was built by Gobinda Das Mondal. It is to be noted that all the priests are female here.
A big rectangular covered platform called 'Natmondir' has been erected adjacent to the main temple, from where the face of the image can be seen. This platform was initially built by Zamindar Kasinath Roy and has been consequently renovated often.
Jor-bangla is the spacious verandah of the main temple that faces the image directly. One can see the rituals happening inside the sanctum from the Natmondir through the Jor-bangla.
Hari-kath Tala:
It is the spot close to the Natmondir, southwards meant for Bali (sacrifice). There are two sacrificial altars for animal sacrifices side by side. These are known as Hari- Kath.
Radha-Krishna Temple:
The temple is known as 'Shamo-Ray Temple' and is located inside the temple complex. In the year 1723, a settlement officer of Mushirabad district first erected a separate temple for Radha-Krishna here. Also, there is a separate kitchen for preparation of vegetarian Bhog (food offering) for Radha-Krishna.

Best Time for Holidaying in Kalighat

The best time to visit Kolkata is from October to March, when you will conveniently miss the sweaty, suffocating and humid Bengal summer season. It will be an excellent time to enjoy sightseeing and other activities. This time would also be ideal to give you the opportunity to witness the grand celebrations of Durga Puja (the worship of the goddess of strength that symbolizes good over evil), which is held during the month of October. So, make your Kalighat trip plan accordingly.

Must Buy Things from Kalighat

Kalighat is mainly a pilgrimage destination where you can buy a number of items for worshiping. Although, many of the shops of Haridwar is known for selling pilgrim essentials yet its market have retail outlets selling local handicrafts and much more. Kalighat is famous for a special kind of painting called 'Kalighat Painting' or Kalighat Pat that was originated in the 19th century Bengal. It is one of the must buy items of souvenirs taken by the visitors to this place. Over the time, the painting has developed as a distinct school of Indian painting, which is the depictions of Hindu gods, goddesses and other mythological characters, the Kalighat paintings developed to reflect a variety of themes. You can buy a bunch of a choice of these exclusive paintings from your Kalighat tour.

Explore Options to Reach Kalighat

Before booking your Kalighat holiday package, you must be aware of the ways to reach this city. To know more, read on:
By Air
The nearest airport to Kalighat is the Kolkata International Airport. It connects to the city with various domestic flights to the rest of India. You can take buses or hire private taxis to reach here.
By Train
Howrah railway station is the nearest railway station from Kalighat.
By Road
Kalighat is connected by good motorable roads to all places in West Bengal. So, choose any of the modes and enjoy Kalighat travel with ease.
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