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Khasi Hills is the largest district in the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya. It came out from the earlier Khasi Hills district in the year 1976. The district of Khasi was divided into the West Khasi Hills and the East Khasi Hills in the year 1976. The major travel attractions of the Khasi Hills are the mountains and ranges crossing the region. The Mawthadraishan range running from east to west, the hills of Lum Kyllai Longsgun and the Kyllang Rock made of igneous rocks all are the perfect reasons to have a great adventure activity, trekking. You can also enjoy locally available handicrafts which are very famous. Bamboo and cane articles are pretty as well as colorful fans, dresses, and many of such decorative items are very famous in this aspect. So, plan your Khasi Hills travel now and book any of the Khasi Hills holiday packages available at
Khasi Hills Holiday Packages
Khasi Hills Travel Packages
Khasi Hills Tour Packages

Best Sightseeing Places in Khasi Hills

Planning a Khasi Hills vacation and wondering which places you must see, read on:

Fishing Spots:
Ranikor is one of the most preferred fishing spots in Khasi Hills. The Jadukata River is the place where anglers team up and wait. The Rivers Kynshi and Rilang meet here, and the golden Mahseers are the prized catch here
Hot Springs:
Jakrem is a place located about 45 KM from the region of Nongstoin. You can reach here by crossing Mawthawpdah. The hot springs located here are made of sulphur water and people believe it has medicinal properties. However, tourists can enjoy refreshing dip.
Water Falls:
Thump Falls and Weinia Falls are the two most famous as well as scenic waterfalls in Khasi hills region.
Mawthadraishan Peak lies on the way from Nongshillong village to Shillong. There is a mountain range that has lakes on its top. These lakes caused due to natural depressions are today 7 to 8 fish ponds. The tip of the peak offers the best view of the entire region of Assam and the majestic Himalayas.
Kyllang Rock is a unique feature of the region as it is composed of a single gigantic rock. It is located at Mawnai, which lies around 10 KM from the region of Mairang.
Picnic Spots:
Lum Symper is a place that is located a little away from the village called Weiloi. It lies en route to Mawkyrwat. This place is favored by most of the tourists and is considered a very good picnic spot.
Nongkhnum River Island:
This lies near the village of Nongstoin on the River Kynshi. It is known as the 'Nongkhnum'. Formed like a plateau, it is a nice expanse of 25 sq kms. One can trek to this place. It is two hours from Nongstoin. You can enjoy trekking here.

Best Time for Holidaying in Khasi Hills

Climate of Khasi Hills remains pleasant through-out the year. It's neither too cold in winters and nor too hot in summers. After the heavy rainfall (end of May to October), temperature drops down and winter starts from December to February. Thus, the best time to plan your Khasi Hills trip can be between the months of November to May. This season of the year is most appropriate for sightseeing of the region.

Must Buy Things from Khasi Hills

Khasi hills is a magnificent place to enjoy sightseeing, but you can have a wonderful shopping experience here. Some of the things you must buy and take back home as souvenirs include Meghalayan handicrafts such as sleeping mats, baskets, rain shields and bamboo & cane articles.

Explore Options to Reach Khasi Hills

Before booking your Khasi Hills holiday packages, you must be aware of the ways to reach this charming hill station. To know more, read on:
By Air
The nearest airport is Shillong airport in Meghalaya falls under the Ri-Bhoi district and is close to the Umiam Lake. However, there is only one flight from the airport to Kolkata. We would suggest that the better option for tourists is to board a flight to Guwahati and then take the NH to Nongpoh.
By Rail
The nearest railway station to Ri-Bhoi is Guwahati railway station (only 50 KM away). From here, you can hire taxi or take bus to reach this place.
By Road
NH-40 serves as a lifeline to the district. Though, the NH doesn't run across all of the districts, it runs vertically, connecting Shillong to Guwahati. The highway is remains busy with frequent buses, tourist & private vehicles. So, choose any of the option and enjoy comfortable Khasi Hills tour.
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