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Sited on the eastern bank of the Chambal River in the royal state of Rajasthan, Kota is located on a high leaning tableland forming a part of the Malwa Plateau. Kota was once the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi, but in the year 1624 Mughal emperor Jehangir partitioned Bundi and converted Kota into an independent state. Then the princely state of Kota became a part of the British Empire in 1818 and later, a part of the Indian state of Rajasthan. At present, apart from various tourist attractions, Kota is best known for its academic opportunities, exquisite textile (Kota Sarees) and special Kota stone. In fact, the experience of Kota travel will be a lifetime memory for in your travel diary. If you are planning a visit to this city, then choose the best Kota holiday packages and explore Kota at its best.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Kota

Maharao Madho Singh Museum:
Located in an old palace, Maharao Madho Singh museum displays a selective collection of Rajput miniature paintings (Kota school), murals, sculptures, arms, etc. It also exhibits some artistic items used by the former rulers of Kota. So, don't miss a visit to this museum during your Kota tour.
Government Museum:
Situated in the Brijvilas Palace, the Government museum displays a wide range of rare coins, sections of Hadoti sculpture, manuscripts, etc. The most notable item on display is a sculpted statue brought here from Baroli, popular for its beauty and history related to it.
Kishore Sagar & Jag Mandir:
The Kishore Sagar Lake was constructed in the year 1346 by Prince Dher Deh of Bundi. It is a scenic lake that houses a palace, Jag Mandir right at the center.
Chambal Garden:
Located close to the River Chambal, the garden is a popular picnic spot. The garden is also situated nearby Amar Niwas Palace and offers a picturesque sight to the tourist. You can enjoy boating in the Chambal river as well.
Haveli of Devtaji:
Located right at the heart of a busy market, Haveli of Devta Shridharji is a famous tourist attraction. This ancient Haveli is adorned with incredible murals and rooms beautifully decorated with some striking miniature paintings.
Other Tourist attractions:
Apart from these some other places to see in Kota are, Kota Barrage, Kansua Temple, Mathuradheesh temple, Adhar Shila, Yatayat Park, Budh Singh Bafna Haveli, Bhitria Kund, Godavari Dham Mandir, Haryali Water Park, etc.

Best Time for Holidaying in Kota

Kota enjoys temperate climate with hot summers and cool winters. Therefore, the ideal time to enjoy holidaying in Kota is from 'October to March', when the weather is soothing as well as pleasant. So, plan your Kota trip during this time and enjoy best of sightseeing and exploring in Kota.

Must Buy Things from Kotar

Kota is known for its rich art and crafts. The must buy item from Kota are the famous Kota Doria sarees, which are finely weaved with cotton and silk threads. Amongst variety of Kota sarees, the most famous ones are hand-woven chequered and printed Kota silk sarees. Apart from that, the Kota stone is very famous of which you can buy miniatures back home. You can also buy some beautiful potteries and stone crafts in Kota. Stone crafts and miniature paintings serve as the perfect souvenirs and gift items to take back home for your loved ones. So, make the most of your Kota vacation by buying ethnic items of this city.

Explore Options to Reach Kota

Before booking Kota holiday package, you must be aware of the ways how you can reach to this beautiful city of Rajasthan.
By Air
The closest airport to Kota is Jaipur airport, which is located at a distance of around 240 KM. This airport operates regular flights to significant cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai etc.
By Train
The city has its own railway station named Jaisalmer railway station that lies under the western railway zone of the Indian railways. It is very well connected with Jodhpur and other major cities of India.
By Road
There are various express and deluxe buses to Kota at regular interval from Jaipur via Tonk, Devli and Bundi (with journey time of about 5 hrs). There are also regular bus connections to Chittorgarh and Udaipur and other various places in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh bordering Rajasthan.
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