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The outstanding city of Lucknow is popularly known as 'City of Nawabs'. The city has never ever lost its significance in Indian history and culture. Lucknow is influenced by Muslim culture and this can be seen in its every corner. The city has witnessed a great past and people booking Lucknow holiday packages seek to discover this beautiful aspect of the city. 'City of Nawabs' offers a wide range of sightseeing options to the visitors to explore and appreciate. The city is amazing in one more thing that is its culinary experiences. The food culture of the city is simply unparallel and it is one of charms of Lucknow tour.
Lucknow Travel Packages
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Lucknow Travel Packages
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Tourist Attractions in Lucknow

Bada Imambara:
It is a famous monument carrying a historical, cultural and heritage importance. It is a complex carrying mosque, summer palace and labyrinth.
Chota Imambara:
Chota Imambara is an impressive tombstone located in the old city area of Lucknow close to chowk. It is a significant place to visit in the city.
Government Museum:
This is a must visit attraction for all the tourists, which houses exclusive galleries for anthropological specimens, bronzes, coins, sculptures, paintings, natural history, textiles and ornamental arts.
The Residency:
The Residency is a group of buildings constructed around 1800 A.D by Nawab of Oudh, Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. It was built to serve as the abode of the British Resident General who was a representative in the court of Nawab.
Rumi Darwaza:
It is an impressive gateway in Lucknow that was built in the year 1784. The gateway is 60 feet tall and is in fact the replica of an ancient gateway at Constantinople.

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Lucknow enjoys extreme climates. Before booking Lucknow holiday packages, know about its weather. In summers, temperature reaches beyond 45° C temperature and makes difficult to survive. It starts from mid-March and remains till mid-July. The monsoon season starts in mid-July and continues till mid-September with an average rainfall 100 cm. Winter Season starts from November and remains till February. The best time for Lucknow trip is between November and February.

What to Shop in Lucknow

Shopping in Lucknow is a rewarding experience for its visitors and it brings numerous shopping opportunities for them. The embroidery of Lucknow is very popular and people love buying traditional costumes from here. Shopping destinations of Lucknow brings lots of surprises for you. Hazrat Ganj and Aminabad are two popular shopping hubs of the city. Chikankari fabric is a popular thing to buy from here.

How to Reach Lucknow

Read about the options to reach Lucknow before planning a Lucknow vacation. Well, you don't need to worry about the transportation as city offers great connectivity to its passengers.
By Air
Lucknow is an international airport and connected with the other important towns and cities of Indian and world. There are regular scheduled flights to Lucknow from various cities.
By Train
Lucknow is very well-connected to all important cities & towns of India through Indian railway. A number of express and superfast trains arrive and depart for different destinations from Lucknow.
By Road
Lucknow is well-connected with other places of Uttar Pradesh through great network of roads. Both the private and government buses can be taken from here.
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