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In every sense, Malaysia is truly a 'cosmopolitan' country and that is why, it has been gifted with a slogan "Malaysia- Truly Asia". The country is advantageously located at the junction of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. This country is held an alluring attraction for adventurers and explorers, missionaries and evangelists, traders and raiders. Nautically, Chinese, Eurasians, Indians, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Japanese- all found their way to Malaysia. Many of them settled here and are now more "indigenous" than the Malays, making this country a boiling pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Therefore, Malaysia is one of the most visited tourist destination in the world with having its uniqueness intact. presents a number of exciting Malaysia holiday packages for you to choose from and go for an extraordinary holiday experience in this exhilarating destination.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Malaysia

There are several scenic sightseeing places in Malaysia, without which your Malaysia trip is incomplete. Read on to know more about them:
People of Malaysia are proud of their big island situated on the west coast, which has "the colonial city of Georgetown", which was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has ample to offer in the way of museums, historic homes, a fort and most importantly, delicious food. The waterfront esplanade known as "Gurney Drive" in Penang is lined with great places to sample local Malay, Chinese, and Indian recipes.
Cameron Highlands :
Malaysia's green Cameron Highlands are one of the cold places in Southeast Asia. These highlands have plenty of verdant scenery, beautiful tea plantations, and access to decent trekking trails, which weave through plantations and around volcanoes. While enjoying the green journey, you can indulge in strawberry farms, flower greenhouses and butterfly gardens.
Langkawi :
Out of over 104 islands of Malaysia, amidst which Langkawi is the only habited one that makes it the centre piece of an ocean paradise. This island is famous for its sun-kissed beaches, calm blue lakes and thick green forests. That is why; it is named as the 'Island of Legends' with a myth and story hidden in each curve and contour of the island.
Other Tourist Attractions:
Kuala Lumpur (Petronas Twin Tower), Malaysian Borneo, Melaka (Malacca), Christ Church, Terangganu, Sarawak, Kuching, Miri, Sabah, Taman Negara National Park (Pahang), Thean Hou Temple, Perak, Sultan Abdul Samad Building (Kuala Lumpur) etc. are some of the other worth visiting tourist attractions during your Malaysia travel.

Best Time for Holidaying in Malaysia

The best time to visit Malaysia depends upon weather, festivals and crowds. Due to this country's geographical shape and location, seasons differ from one side of the peninsula to the other. The weather is often different in East Malaysia (Borneo) than in Peninsular Malaysia. It majorly enjoys tropical weather. The best time to visit Malaysia is between the months of May till September (when the average temperature remains around 28 degrees Celsius). But, if you want to enjoy the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival and year-end festivities like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year, then you should visit here from mid-October till January. Whatever may be your reason, plan your Malaysia vacation according to the time mentioned.

Must Buy Things from Malaysia

Often referred to as "shopper's paradise", Malaysia fulfils its pride in true manner. You can get almost anything and everything at competitive rates and mostly, duty free too. In large cities such as Kuala Lumpur have large department stores from where you can get international brands including designer labels, which are readily available. Moreover, on your Malaysia tour don't forget to explore exclusive stuff from unending smaller shops, emporia and art galleries from where you can buy the traditional Malaysian handicrafts. Some of the exclusive items you must buy from here include, Electronics, Batik Fabric, Pewter Ware, Traditional Chinese Medicines and Herbs and Malaysian Snacks. A unique feature of all the Malaysian cities are the 'pasar malam' (night markets) set up by vendors, who move their caravan-like stalls from place to place. Also, 'tamus' (town markets in Sabah) or 'Sunday markets' are other regularly large crowds, where you can try your bargaining knack on items of your choice.

Explore Options to Reach Malaysia

Prior booking your Malaysia holiday package, you should be aware of the ways to reach this beautiful country. To know more, read on:
By Air
Malaysia is very well connected to the rest of the world by air. Most of the major airlines regularly fly to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which is about 70 KM south of the city. Besides this, travelers can also fly from some of Malaysia's neighboring countries including Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia - either directly or through a connecting flight to some cities other than Kuala Lumpur.
By Rail
Malaysia is well connected to its neighboring countries Singapore and Thailand. There are daily train connections from both countries to Malaysia. The train takes around 2 days to reach Bangkok and 7 – 10 hours to Singapore.
By Road
There are regular bus service to Malaysia from both Thailand and Singapore. You can also hire taxis or cars for the trip. In addition to the comfortable experience on good roads, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the region.
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