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Memorable Trip with Mokokchung Holiday Packages

Mokokchung town is known to be the third busiest urban hub in the north-east Indian state of Nagaland. This pretty town is home to the Ao Nagas, the former head hunters of the state. It is laid back and shorn of the modernism of Kohima - the state capital and forms an interesting place of visit. At this place, you will find a vast colonial touch. Mokokchung is known to be the native place of the Ao Nagas that holds their celebratory Moatsu Festival during the first week of May every year. This tribe is also known for its headhunting and attractive red & black shawls. Some of the famous tourist attractions in and around this destination include, the Ungma and Longkhum villages, Chuchuyimlang village, Mopungchuket and many more tribal beautiful villages. So, explore this beautiful place by booking any of the Mokokchung holiday packages available at and go for a memorable Mokokchung trip for lifetime.
Mokokchung Holiday Packages
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Best Sightseeing Places in Mokokchung

Before planning your Mokokchung tour, be familiar with what you must visit during the trip.

Ungma Village:
It is the 2nd largest village in the state of Nagaland. This village is considered as the oldest as well as the largest of all the Ao villages. This place is believed to be the birthplace of the Ao Naga tribes. The natives of the village follow and preserve the Ao culture and tradition. The Moatsu and Tsungremong festivals are celebrated in the village, during which the native people display traditional art forms and dances.
Molung Village:
It is another popular Ao village and is considered as the place of origin of Christianity in the Naga Hills during the year 1872. This village lies in the Changkikong Range of the Mokokchung District is known as the first village of the Naga Hills. This site has an ancient Leechi tree, which is known to have been planted by Dr. E. W. Clark, the first American Missionary.
Langpangkong Caves:
These caves are situated in the Langpangkong mountain range and lies between the valleys of Tzula and Dikhu Rivers. It is believed that the caves provided shelter to an Ahom King.
Mopungchuket is an Ao village in the Mokokchung District, which is renowned for its remarkable past and romantic story of Jina and Etiben. A tower commemorating Jina & Etiben's love story as well as struggle is one of the major attractions of this village.
Other Important Tourist Attractions:
Chuchuyimlang, Changkikong Range, Ongpangkong Range, Asetkong Range, Longkhum village, Mokokchung Market are some of the other tourist attractions.

Best Time for Holidaying in Mokokchung

The months from October to December are the best time to visit this place. So, plan your Mokokchung vacation during this period of the year when the weather is soothing and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Must Buy Things from Mokokchung

Shopping is a delightful experience in Mokokchung. Right from rare handicrafts & handlooms to upgrade stuff, you can find as well as shop almost everything here. Everything, especially the attractive red & black shawls are available at the famous Mokokchung Market in the city. You can buy a lot of tribal stuff as souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones.

Explore Options to Reach Mokokchung

Before booking your Mokokchung holiday packages, you must be aware of the ways to reach this beautiful place. To know more, read on:
By Air
Jorhat airport is the nearest airport (57 KM away) to the Mokokchung. This airport connects the various major cities of India to the city.
By Rail
Mariani Junction Railway Station is the closest junction that is just about 42 km away from the Mokokchung.
By Road
Mokokchung is well-linked to all major cities of north-eastern India through road. In fact, its central location has helped it to be the converging point of maximum number of highways and hence it is better connected to most of the areas. Nagaland State Road Transport buses or local services offer services to connect the major cities in neighboring states of Meghalaya, Tripura. So, select your choice of Mokokchung travel mode for an enjoyable journey.
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