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Mon is a stunning tribal town situated in the northern parts of the north-east Indian state of Nagaland. This place has its unique tradition and culture and tradition. The entire region is home for various tribes and the majority is the Konyak Nagas. The Konyaks can be identified wearing traditional clothing, which consist of a hear gear, head brushes and exclusive necklaces. These people have tattooed faces and they are distinct. They are skilled at wood carving and make one-of-its kind carvings and artifacts in the place making them interesting souvenirs. Mon is located at an altitude of around 897.64 metres above the sea level and is the district headquarters of the Mon district. Some of the most stunning tourist attraction in and around Mon include, Shangnyu Village, Veda Peak & Naganimora. So, if you wish to explore the tribal life, plan a Mon vacation now and book any of the Mon holiday packages available on!
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Best Sightseeing Places in Mon

Before planning Mon travel, you must be familiar with the places you must visit during the trip.

It is an ethnic village in the Mon District, which represents the rich Konyak culture and tradition for tourists.
This village is popular for its skull exhibits. These exhibits present the head hunting culture that was popular among the Konyaks in the 19th century.
Naganimora is 11 KM away from the Kongan Village. This village gets its name from the word Naga Rani Mora, which literally means as the 'burial place of the Naga Queen'. This place is situated on the banks of Dikhu River and home to the Kongans. Earlier, this town was known as Lakhan.
Shangnyu Village:
Shangnyu Village is located in the north-eastern part of Nagaland. It is ruled by the hereditary chief, 'Angh'. One of the major attractions of this village is the house of Angh. Soaring up to 8 ft in height and 12 ft in width, it is the largest house in the village. Another tourist attraction here is 'the Palace of the Chief'. You can find numerous memorial stones outside the palace. According to historical records, the Ahom Kings of Assam maintained a good relationship with the Shangnyu tribe, who stayed in the village.
Veda Peak:
The Veda Peak is situated around 70 KM east of the headquarters of the Mon District. It is the highest peak in the district, from where tourists can enjoy views of the Chindwin River (in Burma) and the Brahmaputra River. It is the British planted the first opium plant at this peak itself.
Aolingmonyu and Laolongmo are the two major festivals of the Mon District.
Other Tourist Attractions:
Tuophema and Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the other important tourist attractions of the city.

Best Time for Holidaying in Mon

Mon experiences moderate climate and remains fairly comfortable throughout the year. However, if you wish to witness the cultural and tribal wealth of this region then visit this place during the month of April, when the Konyaks get into a celebratory mood with the Aoleong Monyu festival. It is a week-long festival that welcomes the harvest or the spring season. So, the best time to visit this place is during the months of 'March to May' & 'December to February'. So, plan your Mon trip at the specified time of the year.

Must Buy Things from Mon

Shopping is a delightful experience in Mon. You can buy exquisite wood carvings and artifacts from different villages here. In fact, these can be purchased as interesting souvenirs. Also, you can shop exclusive firearms, baskets, necklaces and garters with beads (made by different tribe artisans in Mon.

Explore Options to Reach Mon

Before booking your Mon holiday packages, you must be aware of the modes of transportation to this town. To know more, read on:
By Air
The nearest airport to Mon is Jorhat airport (121 KM away) from the town. From here, you can hire taxi or board bus.
By Rail
The closest Railway station is located in Dimapur (around 247 KM away). You can board direct bus or hire taxis to reach the town.
By Road
Mon can be reached by bus from two routes. They are via Sonari in Sibsagar district of Assam) and via Simulguri (Assam). So, select any of the traveling modes and go for a memorable Mon tour.
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