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Nalanda is a very important destination of Bihar enjoying great historical significance. As per the historical evidences, it can be identified as a great Buddhist centre and a hub of learning. At present, Nalanda is a popular part of the Buddhist circuit and features several destinations that were related to the life of Lord Buddha. Nalanda holiday packages are very popular among those tourists who love to explore heritage & religion together.
Nalanda Holiday Packages
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Tourist Attractions in Nalanda

Nalanda is essentially known for its university but there are several tourist attractions at this place that can be visited during your Nalanda vacation. This is the list of sightseeing to be visited on your trip to this town.

Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall:
Built in the memory of the famous Chinese traveler Hieun-Tsang, it is a popular place to be visited in Nalanda. Hieun Tsang lived here for 12 years and wrote great things about the people and society of contemporary India. His writing is authentic and very relevant and is supposed to be a great source of information.
Nalanda University:
Spread across 14 hectares, Nalanda University once happened to be a great center of higher learning. It is in ruins now. The university used to offer great facilities to its students. Buddhism, spirituality, Vedas, and other life sciences were the popular subjects to be taught here.
Nav Nalanda Vihar:
Nav Nalanda Vihar is a center that aims to study Buddhism and its spirit in current times. There is another institute close to this, which aims to research an ancient language Pali.
Surya Mandir:
Located adjacent to ruins of the University of Nalanda, Surya Mandir is primarily devoted to Lord Sun but features diverse idols of numerous gods and goddesses. The temple has more number of Buddha idols other than the idols of Hindu deities.
The Museum:
The museum of Nalanda beautifully displays the golden past of the town. It has a huge collection of ancient manuscripts and Buddhist statues, which were found during excavation of the sites of Nalanda.

Best Time to Visit Nalanda

The best time to go for Nalanda tour is from month of October to March. Summer arrives in Nalanda in April and remains till June. Temperature ranges between 24°C and 40°C with much humidity and makes the place avoidable for travelers. Monsoon arrives during the months of July and lasts till September with regular and heavy rainfall. Winter lasts between November and February. Temperature lasts between 18°C and 27°C and this is the best time to visit Nalanda.

How to Reach Nalanda

Due to being a popular tourist destination of the state, Nalanda offers great connectivity through all means of transportation, including air, rail and road. If you are planning a Nalanda trip then read the information about how to reach there before booking Nalanda holiday packages.
By Air
The nearest airport to Nalanda is Jaiprakash Narayan Airport in Patna, which is 90 km away. The city has regular flights through and from cities like, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore. On arrival at the airport, you can take bus or car on rent to reach Nalanda.
By Train
The nearest railway station is Bakhtiyarpur, which is located at the distance of 38 km from Nalanda. It is located at Delhi-Howrah (Kolkata) main line and most of the trains pass through this station. After that, take other private/public transport to reach Nalanda.
By Road
Nalanda enjoys great connectivity through roads with all major cities of the state, including Patna, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Delhi, and Kolkata.
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