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Enticing Nubra Valley Holiday Packages

Amongst the most captivating and charming tourist destinations of northern India, Nubra Valley is located in Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir and is a fantastic place to visit. According to the Scholars, the original name of Valley was 'Ldumra', which means the 'Valley of Flowers'. This place is full of beautiful sceneries and relaxing spots. Here, the Shyok River joins the Nubra or Siachen River to form a large valley, which separates the Ladakh and the Karakoram regions. You can find the village of Turtuk that is parting place for people who love peace and interacting with tribal community of Ladakh. The Turtuk village is renowned for the apricot trees. Apart from the Ensa Gompa, Samstanling Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Hot Springs of Panamik and one of a kind, Sand Dunes of Hunder. Want to explore the enticing beauty of this place, book a Nubra Valley holiday package on
Nubra Valley Holiday Packages
Nubra Valley Travel Packages
Nubra Valley Tour Packages

Best Sightseeing Places in Nubra Valley

Before going for Nubra Valley travel, you should be familiar with the places you must visit during the tour.

Hot Springs of Panamik:
Located in Panamik Village of Nubra Valley (150 Km from Leh), these springs are pretty different from others in its category. But, they are being developed into a tourist attraction. In the down side: they are actually Sulphur springs and don't really smell pleasant.
Sand Dunes of Hunder:
Situated 150 KM from Leh town, Sand Dunes of Hunder are one of a kind attraction. It makes a scenic sight from a view point on the road from Diskit. Here, you can enjoy riding the two-humped Bactrian camels, which are exclusive to this region. Other than Nubra and the area of Xinjiang, you'll only find them in Australia.
Diskit Monastery:
Nearly seven centuries old, Diskit Monastery was set up by Changzem Tserab Zangpo. It acts as a sub-monastery to Thiksey Monastery in Leh. This monastery belongs to the Gelukpa order of Buddhism. Its verandah on the mid-level has a mega-sized prayer wheel. In front of the Shyok River is a 102 feet tall statue of Maitreya Buddha facing the Shyok River and Pakistan.
Samstanling Monastery:

This monastery houses many little children (little lamas) learning about the good things in life. They debate on universal truths, live a beautiful life and indulge in Buddhist dances. The monastery's caretaker takes a lot of delight in showing tourists around and tries to narrate all the history they desire to know about.

Ensa Gompa:

The Ensa Gompa is 250 years old and perched atop of a rock and overlooks the snow- peaked mountains of the valley. This Gompa seems not very far away but one needs to walk 6 to 7 hours to reach the Gompa. So, visit these places and make the most of your Nubra Valley trip in Leh-Ladakh.

Best Time for Holidaying in Nubra Valley

Depending on the climatic conditions, the ideal duration to time to visit Nubra valley is during the autumn season that is from 'July to September'. Nubra Valley experiences extreme cold climate throughout the year irrespective of the general season, thereby leaving visitors to choose from slightly less colder months. Summers in Nubra valley are pleasant and cool which last from 'March to May' while winters envelop the valley from 'December to February' when temperatures drop as low as -4°C. You must note that no matter during which time you visit this place the temperature dips during the night.

Must Buy Things from Nubra Valley

In this beautiful place, you can shop for Kashmiri products such as hand woven carpets, socks, Pashmina shawls and other woolen items. Along with that, you can also buy exclusive Tibetan statues, clothing and other souvenirs for your family and friends. You can find a smaller market at Diskit, the site of a holy monastery for the future Buddha, from where you can purchase some beautiful Thangkas. You can also buy, Prayer wheels, Turquoise Jewellery, Buddha Heads, Sea-Buckthorn juice and wall hangings from Diskit market. So, enjoy your Nubra Valley vacation by shopping for some interesting items.

Explore Options to Reach Nubra Valley

Before booking your Nubra Valley holiday packages, you must be aware of the ways to reach this city. To know more, read on:
By Air
Leh Airport is the nearest airport (120 KM) from Nubra Valley. After de-boarding at the airport, the best option to reach here is by hiring a jeep or board bus.
By Train
There are no railheads in Ladakh, thus, travelling via rail is not a smart move to reach Nubra Valley. The nearest railway station to this region is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station that is 620 KM away from the valley.
By Road
The best way to reach Nubra Valley is via road as there aren't any train stations or airports located in the region. It is a wise idea to first arrive by air at the domestic airport located in Leh. From there, you can book a jeep which will take you to Nubra Valley along the Srinagar-Leh National Highway. So, select any of the traveling modes and come for a memorable Nubra Valley tour.
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