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Situated on the western coast of India, Porbandar is a major trade & travel center and a popular coastal city of the state of Gujarat. Popularly regarded as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, this city also enjoys great connection with Indian mythology. It features a number of important places enjoying the serene waters of the sea. By booking Porbandar holiday packages, tourists can come across a number of places. These historic buildings are the proofs of the glorious bygone era of the city. Some popular attractions to be visited on your Porbandar tour are:
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Tourist Attractions to Visit in Porbandar

Kirti Mandir:

Built near the birthplace of Mahatama Gandhi, Kirti Mandir is a popular tourist attraction of the city. It is visited by massive number of tourists every year. One can witness here the former residence of Mahatma and his wife Kasturba. The place also features a Gandhian library along with a prayer hall.

Sudama Temple:

This beautiful temple is dedicated to the famous friend of Lord Krishna – Sudama. The temple is situated in the heart of Porbandar and is the only temple in the whole country that is dedicated to Sudama.


Darbargadh is the well-equipped palace of the city, which was constructed by Rana Sartanji. The palace has a huge stone entrance enjoying high turrets with grand wooden doors. This is one of its kinds of palace in the whole state. The close by edifice positioned on the left side the entrance resembles to the large mansions.

Sartanji Choro:

It is a 3-storied summer exhibition area, which is built by Rana Sartanji. It is constructed in Rajput architectural style among sprawling gardens. The pavilion features pillars that are decorated with the images of musicians. It also features generously carved foliated arches and a single arena on the top.

Huzoor Palace:

Situated at the edge of Marine Drive, it is a huge palace built like a European structure. The palace overlooks the sea and is adorned with sloping roofs, huge windows, extensive gardens and carved fountains.

Best Time to Visit Porbandar

Porbandar primarily witnesses three weathers summer, winter and monsoon. Summer arrives in March and continues till June with hot and dry weather where temperature reaches up to 43°C. Winter season comes in November and stays till February with temperature between 15°C and 35°C. Monsoon arrives in June and stays till mid- September with regular rainfall. The best time to visit the city is from October to February.

Shopping in Porbandar

Shopping in Porbandar is also a leisure activity for the visitors. Porbandar is famous for its 'bandhani' works. You can also buy here a wide variety of accessories, shoes, watches and clothing. Local handicrafts as well as textiles from MG Road can be also purchased from the whole range of shopping outlets.

How to Reach Porbandar

If you are planning a Porbandar trip then before booking Porbandar holiday packages, know how to reach there. Through below written content, know about the details of transports that connect the city with rest of India.

By Air

Porbandar has its own airport, which is located at a distance of 6 km away from the city centre. You can take private taxis to reach to the city centre.

By Train

Porbandar has its own railhead, Porbandar Railway Station. It is well-connected with major cities of India. Express and superfast trains pass through this station.

By Road

State transport buses run by the government of Gujarat connect Porbandar with major cities like Ahmedabad, Dwarka, Junagadh, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Somnath, and Diu.
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