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Originally known as Rajamahendri, Rajahmundry is often called as the 'cultural capital and born city' of Andhra Pradesh. The well-accepted South-Indian language Telugu has been originated from this city. Presently, Rajahmundry serves as a major pilgrimage center where visitors can explore a number of temples and holy places. The place enjoys great connection with Tollywood as several Tollywood movies have been shot here. You can book Rajahmundry holiday packages to explore the glorious and serene aura of the city.
Rajahmundry Holiday Packages
Rajahmundry Tour Packages
Rajahmundry Travel Packages

Tourist Attractions in & around Rajahmundry

There are a number of tourist attractions in and around the town that you can come across during your Rajahmundry trip.

Sir Arthur Cotton Museum:

Sir Arthur Cotton Museum was founded in year 1998. It is one of the must visit attraction of Rajahmundry district due to be the only civil engineering museum in Andhra Pradesh.

Ghats & Parks near Godavari River:

Holy River Godavari is the biggest attraction of this spiritual city. Three bridges over the river are the longest in South India. You can come across several ghats and parks that are situated along the bank of river. Gowthami Ghat is one of the popular ghats that celebrate an event called as Pushkaram.

Swami Vivekananda Biggest Statue:

The huge statue of Swami Vivekananda is constructed on a hillock located on the National Highway 5 of Rajahmundry.

River Bay Resort:

Situated close to the holy river of Godavari, River Bay Resort is the key attraction of this beautiful city. It is a popular resort that is surrounded by amazing backdrop. It is ideal place for leisure and business travelers.

Other Attractions:

There are several other attractions in Rajahmundry, including Chitrangi Bhavan, ISKON Temple, Kotilingalu Temple, Damerla Rama Rao Art Gallery, Gowthami Library, and many others can be visited during Rajahmundry vacation.

Shopping in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is famous for textile industry and the commercial capital of two Godavari district. It is often called as Southern Bombay due to being the second largest cloth market following Mumbai. The city features more than 500 wholesale cloth shops where one can buy a wide range of clothes at very affordable price. Rajahmundry is also famous for its furniture and you can come across a number of furniture manufacturers here selling variety of chic furnishing.

Best Time to Visit Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is a beach town and this is the reason, it enjoys humidity in most part of the year except winters. Summer arrives in Rajahmundry in March and remains up to May with temperature between 30°C and 40°C. The place turns hot & humid. Monsoon arrives in June and stays till September with irregular showers. In winters, weather is really cool and pleasant. The temperature hovers between 25°C and 12°C and make it perfect for Rajahmundry trip.

How to Reach Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry travel is a wonderful and hassle-free experience as this place is easily accessible by all means of transportation, including air, rail and road. If you have plans to go on Rajahmundry tour, then know about how to reach there before booking Rajahmundry holiday packages.

By Air

Rajahmundry has its own airport, located 18 km north of Rajahmundry. The airport has flights to and from cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Daily flights are available for Rajahmundry Airport by Jet Airways and SpiceJet.

By Train

Rajahmundry has one of the biggest railway stations in the whole state. Trains from the destinations like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major Indian cities are easily available to reach Rajahmundry.

By Road

State run buses from Hyderabad ply to Rajahmundry on regular basis. Private buses are also available from Rajahmundry to destinations like Tirupati, Vijayawada, and Vishakhapatnam (187 km).
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