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Situated about 130 km away from Shimla, Rampur is one of the biggest commercial hubs of Himachal Pradesh. It is a significant market and business centers of Shimla located on the left bank of Satluj River. Rampur happened to be the capital city of the Bashahr Empire during the 18th destinations, including north by Spiti, east by Tibet, south by Garhwal, and west by Kullu. Being well-connected with major trading routes, Rampur becomes a pulsating destination that rejuvenates its visitors. People booking Rampur holiday packages have different reasons for Rampur tour. Let's see what the main attraction of the town is. century in India. It is surrounded with various
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Main Attractions of Rampur

Padam Palace:
Also known as Rampur Palace, Padam Palace was built by Raja Padam Dev Singh in the 1917. The essential construction of the palace is done using wood. The palace is designed in a typical colonial style with conical roof and features interesting spaces like porticos and galleries. Architecture of the palace is well-maintained and offers a unique blend of Indian and European style. Padam Palace is an important thing to visit in Rampur.
Lavi Fair:
The main appeal of Rampur trip is the Lavi Fair - one of the massive fairs of North India. This fair takes place in 2nd week of November. The fair is reasonably popular among the locals. It creates a buzz with activities. Traders and craftsmen come here to buy and sell products like dry fruits, shawls, blankets, crops, handicrafts and many other things.
Raghunath Temple:
This is a small temple in Rampur that has great religious value. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is an important site for visiting the place.
Dumgir Buddhist Temple:
Dumgir Buddhist Temple is a sacred place for the followers of Buddhism. Anyone coming for Rampur travel definitely visits this place. The temple features a large prayer wheel that visitors are supposed to move.

Best Time to Visit Rampur

Rampur witnesses pleasant climate all through the year. Summer season starts in Rampur comes in April and remains till June. It witnesses a pleasant summer as the weather is truly this time. Monsoon arrives in July and continues till September and this is a hazardous time to visit the destination due to land-sliding. Winters in Rampur are cold and witnesses snowfall. So, avoid this season between November and February.

How to Reach Rampur

If you are planning a Rampur vacation then explore the options to reach there before booking Rampur holiday packages. The place is a popular tourist destination and is well-connected through all means of transport.
By Air
Shimla Airport is the closest airport to Rampur, which is well connected to many places in India through flights. On arrival at the airport, tourists can take buses or rent cars to reach Rampur. Shimla is very convenient for tourists to get here.
By Train
The nearest railway station to Rampur is Kalka, which is well-connected with cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Chandigarh through a range of trains.
By Road
Private buses and buses of the State Government can be taken on a daily basis to travel between Shimla and Rampur. One can also take taxi or other private vehicles to travel from Shimla to Rampur.
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