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Located 13 km North-East of Varanasi, Sarnath is a religious city positioned close to the confluence of the Ganges and Gomati rivers in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This is a significant destination related to the like of Gautam Buddha. In Sarnath, Gautama Buddha firstly gave his sermon. The city has an important place in Buddhist way of life. People book Sarnath holiday packages to discover beautiful aspects of Buddhism. Along with this, Sarnath tour comes with various sightseeing attractions. It is also a sacred place for Jain due to being the birthplace of Shreyamshanath, the 11th Trithankara.
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Things to Visit in Sarnath

Dhamek Stupa:
It is one of the most admired Buddhist Shrines in the world. Dhamek Stupa is the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon after receiving enlightenment in Bodh Gaya. This stupa is cylindrical in shape and has a base of more than 28 meters in diameter. Its architectural pattern is district and appealing.
Chaukhandi Stupa:
It is the first monument you will encounter as you enter Sarnath. It is actually a huge mound of brickwork. It is said that Emperor Ashoka originally built this Stupa. Positioned on a terraced rectangular plinth, the Stupa is capped by an octagonal Mogul tower.
Ashoka Pillar:
Emperor Ashoka built this pillar. Its erection and commission date is engraved on the pillar. It is stood over 17 meters in height. On the top of the pillar, there are four lions back to back that has been adopted as the official emblem of modern India and can be seen in the museum at Sarnath.
Sarnath Museum:
The Archaeological Museum of Sarnath is one of its kinds in entire South-Asia. It displays a large collection of sculptures standing as testimony to the avid, artistic and religious activity of the place from thousand years.

Best Time to Visit Sarnath

Sarnath experiences extreme weather conditions. Summers are very hot in Sarnath and winters are quite chilled. Summer season in Sarnath starts in month of April and continues till July. Temperature reaches up to 45° C during day. Monsoon season in Sarnath witnesses heavy rainfall. Winter Season observes huge fall in temperature ranging between 15° C and 5° C. Sarnath vacation can be enjoyed from November to March.

Things to Buy in Sarnath

Shopping in Sarnath offers some exclusive things to the visitors. They can buy metal and Asta-Dhatu busts of Lord Buddha and other deities. These idols are available in different colors, metals, size and structure. Other items for example Buddhist prayer wheels, beads, rosary, rugs and flags can be also purchased in Sarnath.

How to Reach Sarnath

Sarnath is connected with rest of India through different means of transportation. Explore information about how to reach Sarnath before booking Sarnath holiday packages.
By Air
The nearest airport to Sarnath is Varanasi Airport that connects it with major Indian cities and tourist destinations through air service. Regular domestic flights to various cities of India are available.
By Train
Sarnath has its own railway station connected with Varanasi and Gorakhpur. Varanasi cantt station is also 10 km away from Sarnath. Trains from cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and others are available for here.
By Road
The nearest mega bus station is Varanasi that offers good number of public and private buses. UPSRTC runs a fleet of well-maintained buses from Varanasi.
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