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Popularly known as Tanjore, Thanjavur is right between Tiruchirapalli and the Coromandel Coast. This happened to be the ancient fortress of Cholas and has been named after a demon of the name - Tanjan-an Asura. The place was the capital city of the Cholas from 9th century to 13th century A.D. The city features a number of temples and it is said that Cholas made these temples to signify their victories. Along with being popular for these religious places, Tanjore is also known as the cultural capital of peninsular India. It is gloriously demonstrates its cultural heritage through numerous art forms. Booking Thanjavur holiday packages will open the door for you to visit such a beautiful and culturally rich destination.
Thanjavur Holiday Packages
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Tourist Attractions in Thanjavur

Sri Brihadeswara Temple:
It is a temple that was constructed in the 10th century AD. The temple is a superb example of Chola architectural style of temples, which was further used in other cities of the peninsula too.
The Palace:
Standing close to the Brihadeswara temple, The Palace of Tanjore is a gigantic structure that has been built during many decades. The palace also features various further attractions like Art Gallery, Saraswati Mahal Library, Siva Ganga Tank, Hall of Music, Sharja Madi, Royal Museum and many others
Schwartz Church:
It is an existing example of religious acceptance of Cholas. The church was constructed by Rajah Serfoji in the year 1779 AD. The architecture breaks the monotony of the Chola temple architecture.
Rajarajan Mani Mandapam:
Rajarajan Mani Mandapam is slightly a contemporary construction in Tanjore, which encloses a beautiful park.
Tholkappiyar Sadukkam:
Tholkappiyar Sadukkam is actually a Square that encloses a tower constructed during the 8th World Tamil Conference. The tower offers a panoramic view of the lively Thanjavur Town.

Things to Buy in Thanjavur

Shopping in Thanjavur allows you buying various handicraft items made by skilled craftsmen. In fact, it is a heaven for craft lovers. The city is very popular among tourists for its glorious and subtle Tanjore paintings that have gained much demand among them. Its exquisite weaving handicrafts, handlooms, paintings, jewelry and woodworks are also very popular.

Best Time to Visit Thanjavur

The best time to visit Thanjavur is from October to February as these months don't witness humidity. Summer in Thanjavur lasts between March and June and maximum temperature is 40°C. Winter months are December to February, which are pleasant with temperature up to 32° C. Monsoon remains between September and November and creates a humid atmosphere.

How to Reach Thanjavur

If you are booking Thanjavur holiday packages then get complete info about how to reach there. Although, Thanjavur is a popular destination and is connected with air, rail and road but having information about connectivity will ease your trip.:
By Air
The nearest airport to Thanjavur is Tiruchirapalli Airport, which has regular flights to many Indian cities and cities of other countries. It has flights from Chennai, Dubai, Singapore, Colombo and various other cities. On arriving at airport, you can take bus or car to reach Thanjavur.
By Train
Thanjavur has its railway station, which is connected with various cities of India through regular trains.
By Road
Thanjavur is well-connected to various parts of Tamil Nadu and nearby state through Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation buses. Excellent state highways connect with other cities and towns of the state.
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