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The Turkey of today's time is all modern, westernized and trendy but its exotic and mystic face subsists in tandem - the whirling dervishes and bewitching belly dancers, amazing amulets, caliphs on carpets, bustling bazaars and spicy smells of delicious cuisines. Turkey stands with one foot in the Christian European West, while the other in the Islamic Middle East and making happily combination. It is the first of the Muslim countries to westernize and yet portraying amazing mosaic of Islamic fundamentalists, burkha-covered women, cell phone toting young professionals, scantily clad belly dancers and beach goers. Turkey is a young nation ageing just 77 years old, which is blessed with an exciting religious, historical and cultural past that it has inherited from classical as well as ancient Greece and Rome, the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Byzantines. The country is the first of the Ottoman Muslim territories to become a republic and a democracy. Explore the Turkey holiday packages offered by and get familiar with Turkish charm and beauty.
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Best Sightseeing Places in Turkey

Before planning your Turkey vacation, be familiar with what you must visit during the trip.

Aspendos Theatre:
One of the best preserved ancient theatres of antiquity, Aspendos was built in 155 AD during the rule of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. This ancient monument could seat between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators.
Patara Beach:
Patara is amongst the longest stretches of sandy beach found anywhere in the Mediterranean region. This beach is backed only by olden Lycian and Roman ruins and swooping dunes with no buildings visible, except of a small café. The beach is also the breeding ground of the endangered Loggerhead turtle.
Pamukkale :
Pamukkale, literally meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish language is an unreal landscape located in western Turkey. It is popular for its white terraces. These terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water with a very high mineral content from the hot springs.
Bodrum Castle:
Situated in the city of Bodrum in southwest Turkey, this castle was built by the Crusaders in the 15th century as 'the Castle of St. Peter'. This castle is one of the best preserved monuments dating back to medieval times in the world.
Blue Mosque:
With beautiful six minarets and magnificent architecture, the Sultan Ahmed or Blue Mosque in Istanbul impresses from the outside and inside as well. It is still used as a mosque and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul. Interior of the mosque, the high ceiling is lined with the 20,000 blue tiles in different patterns giving this mosque its famous name.
Other Tourist Attractions:
Library of Celsus, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Anzac Cove, Topkapı Palace, Mount Nemrut, Olüdeniz- one of the most photographed villages, Cappadocia Underground Cities, Göreme Fairy Chimneys are some of the other popular tourist attractions in Turkey.

Best Time for Holidaying in Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey especially the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts would be in the Spring months between 'April and June' and the Autumn months from 'September to November', as the weather is just perfect for sightseeing and other activities. But, if you wish to enjoy the world famous Mevlana Festival in Konya, then you must plan your Turkey trip in the month of December.

Must Buy Things from Turkey

As far as the must buy things from Turkey are concerned, you can shop for Jewelry, leather apparel, handicrafts, carpets, carved meerschaum and exquisitely carved brass and copperware are all good buys. However, you must bargain for souvenirs if you are buying various things from one shop, or shopping off-season. So, try your shopping skills in any season on your Turkey tour. Shoppers should note that most of the shops remain open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 6 or 7 pm, (while some take a lunch break from 1pm to 2 pm).

Explore Options to Reach Turkey

Before booking your Turkey holiday packages, you must be aware of the ways to reach this beautiful city. To know more, read on:
By Air
Turkey has international airports at Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with some Mediterranean resorts. Turkish Airlines operates direct flights from Istanbul to twenty-four European cities, Middle East, New York, North Africa, Karachi, Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore. It should be noted that departure tax is US $12.
By Rail
The daily Istanbul Express links Munich, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria to Istanbul. There are every day train and bus connections between Athens and Istanbul via Thessaloniki. Trains run to and fro Armenia as well.
By Road
Major European cities like Vienna and Frankfurt are also within the ambit of Turkish buses. The buses are usually faster than trains. You can enter Turkey by bus from Syria, Iran and Georgia.
By Sea/Water
Turkish Maritime Lines (TML) run car ferries from Antalya, Izmir and Marmaris to Venice weekly from May to mid October. Private ferries run between Turkey's Aegean coast and the Greek islands.
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